Thursday, 30 January 2014

Problem Steps Recorder

Dear Friends,

Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) is a very useful Windows 7 Hidden built-in Tool. It is a combination of Key-logger, Screen Capture and annotation tool for Windows. 


  • To Save any working steps or to create tutorials in Windows or any Software (for eg: How to install a software, How to format a Drive etc)
  • To Teach someone to use a Software (Create a tutorial with mouse movements, Screenshots, Instructions etc)
  • To Solve or to Troubleshoot an Error with a Computer Specialist over Internet or via Email etc..


1. Go to Start -> Run and Type psr. and Enter.
2. You will get a Tool as shown in the above image.
3. Now Click on Start Record to start the tool.
4. So now start the steps, the tool is recording your mouse movements, clicks etc.
5. When you are done with your steps, click on Stop Recording.
6. Your steps will be saved in ZIP Format.
7. Now open the saved file, it opens in your Default Browser
8. Also you can change the Settings on the Button shown at right side of the Tool.

9. You can Enable / Disable Screen Capture option from Settings. Also your 
    screenshot limit is set to 25 nos as default. Change it if you want more screenshots.
    If you want, you can add Comments in your steps too.

10. Email to Recipient option allows you to directly mail your recorded steps 
     to the recipient.

 Example ( Screenshots of the output - How to open MSPaint :-) 


 Congratulations, you have learned a Trick which most of them doesn't know .

 Enjoy :-)

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