Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hide Files Behind an Image

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Today, you will learn you how to Hide a File Behind an Image.
Suppose you have a confidential file / data to be kept hidden from others, you might be hiding those files by making it 'Hidden'.

Here I am gonna teach you a trick which is more effective than that.You are going to hide your confidential files behind an image and if someone opens the image he will not be able to view the secret file, unless it is open in a certain way.


1.Copy an image (Image into which file is to be hidden) and the text file 
  (File which is to be hidden from others) into desktop.

2.Open Run (Windows Key + R ) and Type cmd to open Command Prompt.

3.Then type cd desktop to change the cmd location to desktop (cd - change directory)
4 .Now your desktop should contain an Image File and the Secret File (.txt file)

   See the screenshot

           softsprogrammer.jpg   -  Image behind which file will be hidden
           Data.txt                      -  Secret file 

   5. Now type the below code in cmd
              copy /b softsprogrammer.jpg + Data.txt sp.jpg

       where sp.jpg is the destination file name
   6.See the screenshot

   7.Now open the image sp.jpg from your desktop.Its a normal image right. OK now open
      it with notepad and goto the last line, see your secret data written there!!!

   8. see the screenshot (I have given a 4 lines space in my Data.txt at the starting
      so that my data is shown after a space in the below)

   9. Don't edit your image file, it will make your image corrupted.If you want to make
       any changes to your data,repeat the steps. 

   So further on wards, if you want to transfer / hide any secret files, you can use
   this trick.

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  1. This article was very helpful in answering allot of questions.Thanks for posting.



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