Sunday, 19 January 2014

Create a Batch File Timer

Dear Friends,

Here you will learn to create a Batch File Timer.This app can be used as a countdown timer.


1.Open Notepad and copy the below code
       @echo off
       title Timer
       set time=30 
       set /a time=%time%-1
       if %time%==0 goto timesup
       echo %time%
       ping localhost -n 2 > nul
       goto loop
       echo Time is Up!
       echo Press Any Key To Exit!
       pause >nul

2. Now Save As Timer.bat (Any name with .bat will do)
3. Change Save As Type to All Files and Save
4. Open Timer.bat, It will ask  "Press any key to continue"
5. Press any key and see the countdown starts......


 I have set the timer to 30, you can change it as you like :-)


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  1. Amazing article.loved reading every bit.

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