Sunday, 5 January 2014

Create your own File / Folder Opener software

Hi Friends,

This tutorial is for creating a software for opening your Folders and Files

 ( Mp3,videos,Images, Applications etc).

Let us start


1. Open Notepad and copy the below code

        Dim a
         a = inputbox("Enter the Folder / File path","Folder Opener","c:\")
         set x = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
         If Len(a) = 0 Then
         Exit Do
         End if a

2. Now "Save As' Folder Opener.vbs (Any name with .vbs extension will do).
    Also change "Save As Type" to "All Files".

3. Double click to run your application.Now look at the input box, c:\ is shown     which is the default path set (This opens the C Drive of your system)

4. Now input your folder paths and see the result.For files (mp3,Images, 
    Videos,Applications etc), you need to give the extension of the file too.

5. Example input commands

    C:\Softsprogrammer     (Opens Softsprogrammer folder which is in C Drive)

    D:\Music\Disco.mp3     (Plays Disco.mp3)

    D:\Videos\Sample.mp4 (Plays Disco.mp4)

    C:\Talk IT.vbs             (Runs Talk IT.vbs)


You just learned to create a software for accessing your folders and opening /running your files / applications.



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