Saturday, 18 January 2014

How to Know If Someone Accessed your computer when you are away


When you think that your computer is being used by someone when you are away, Its high time to use this technique to catch the 'hacker' red handed.This technique can be applied for your office PC or Personal one.

You will get notified that who accessed your system, and if required you will get the photo of the unauthorized user too.

Follow the steps

1. Go to and sign in with your Gmail account
2. Now select your unlock code.

3. Then place your mouse pointer into the circle and click.
    If you want a photo of the unauthorized user click on Allow when it asks for 
   accessing your Webcam. 

4. Your mouse pointer is locked .
    Now lock your computer (Optional) and go for a break and if someone tries to
    move your mouse, he will get a few seconds to unlock the mouse and in case of
    failure, a Mail will be sent to your mailbox.


Even if Mouselock doesn't prevent unauthorized users from accessing your system, it will
give you a notification that your system had been used by some others. 

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