Sunday, 16 February 2014

How to use Keyboard as Mouse


What will you do if our mouse stopped working? This may due to some driver failures, or hardware issues etc. Don't worry, Windows have an inbuilt option called Mousekeys. Most of them are not aware of this feature, but now you are. You can Enable / Disable Mousekeys very easily.

By Enabling Mousekeys, you can use your Keyboard as a substitute to your Mouse.


1. You can Enable Mousekeys by pressing Alt + Shift + Numlock keys. Then you will
    get a prompt as shown below where you need to press Yes.

2. Make sure your Numlock is OFF while you use your Keyboard as Mouse.
3. Now you can see Mousekeys Icon on your Taskbar, means you are all set.
4. You can use 8, 2, 4 and 6 Keys from Numpad to Move Up, Down, Left and
    Right respectively.

Also there is a portable software called NeatMouse which can be used to use Keyboard as
a substitute to Mouse.However no one will choose working without Mouse for a long time, 
so the first choice is more preferable.

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