Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A simple Bot for Gmail Login

Hi Friends,

Today you are going to learn How to create a Bot for your Gmail Login.

Further on wards,  you can log in to your Gmail Account just by clicking on the this bot.


1. Open Notepad and copy the below code.

     set a = createobject("") ""
     wscript.sleep (2000)
     a.sendkeys ("Your gmail username")
     a.sendkeys chr(9)
     a.sendkeys ("Your gmail password")
     a.sendkeys "{Enter}"

2. Now Save As  MyGmail.vbs (Any name with .vbs extension will do)

3. Change the Save As Type to All Files and then Save.

4. Now just one click on this bot is enough to log in to your Gmail Account.


Description of the Program

 1. The program loads Gmail Log in page and waits for 2000 milliseconds (2 sec).

 2. I have given 2000 milliseconds delay for loading your gmail log in page.
     You can adjust this time considering your Internet Speed. If your net connection
     is slow, you need to increase the delay and vice versa.

 3. After the delay time (2000milliseconds), your username is entered and then a tab key
     pressed so that the selection changes to password field.

 4.Then your password is entered after a 500 milliseconds delay and finally an enter is
    pressed which leads to your account if your username and password is correct.


1. There Is a vulnerability that some others might see your username and password
    by opening the bot,so to avoid that I suggest you to convert your vbs file to Exe. 
    There are many online sites and 'vbs to Exe' converters available in the Internet.

    An example 

2. Also hide your Bot after use to avoid its misuse by others.

   So make your Bot safe and Enjoy!!!

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  1. it does take the password

    1. No, it opens Gmail and types your Username and Password then gives an Enter click. Just like you are typing...



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