Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Google Tricks Part 2

Hi Friends,

This is the continuation of Google Tricks Part 1.You can find out more tricks on Google from below

  • Type the below keywords in Google and press "I'm Feeling Lucky" button .


   1. Let me Google that for you - 'Let me Google that for you' or 'LMGTFY' is made for
                                                 those who are too lazy to use Google.Upon entering a 
                                                 query here, you will get a link instead of search
                                                 results, which you can mail to  your lazy friend.
                                                 So the recipient can just click on the link to get 
                                                 the search results.
                                                 Eventually you have googled it for the recipient.

                                                                    Live Example

   2. Google Chuck Norris           - Chuck Norris is an American Martial Artist and Actor.
                                                 This is a Google joke about that talented Martial Artist.

   3. Google Mirror                     - This Funny trick displays the Google page  you might
                                                  see while doing a Google search as a Mirror image.


   4. Google Reverse                 - This trick makes your Google page to rotate left.

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