Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Creating a folder named "con' in Windows

Hi Friends,

Have you ever tried to create folders with names given below;

con, prn, nul, com1, com2, lpt1

Is it possible? NO but YES

Why NO?

When you try to rename a Newfolder to the above listed names, it automatically changes back to Newfolder or you get an error message that "The specific device name is not valid'.

This is because these names represent the internal devices of the Operating System and we can't create a folder in that name.

Why YES?

Follow the below steps

  1. Open Run (Windows + R) type cmd and press Enter Key
  2. cmd is open.Type the below code in it (This creates con folder in E drive)
To Create



   Now check your E drive,there's a folder named "con"
To Remove


  Now check your E drive,the '"con" folder has been remove.


You can also create and remove folders with name 

prn, nul, com1, com2, lpt1 with this trick.


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