Sunday, 2 February 2014

Calculator Tricks in Windows 7


You may think why I have included a post about calculator in this blog since you all are familiar with this application and its working. But calculator has undergone a complete change in Windows 7. 

If the title of this post hasn't excited you enough, the features we will talk about will!

Open Calculator (Start -> Run -> Type calc ) and look for the below features


 1. Unit Conversion (ctrl + u)
  • Now you can convert any measurement unit you think of into any other relevant equivalent with calculator in Windows 7.
  • Conversions for Angle, Area, Energy, Length, Power,  Pressure, Temperature, Time, Velocity, Volume and Weight / Mass are available here.
  • Also each of this units have myriad of sub values you can play with.For Eg: Clicking on Length reveals everything from Microns to Millimeters and Inches to Centimeters.

2. Calculate Difference Between Two Dates (ctrl + e)
  • Calculate the difference between any two days in years, months, weeks and days
  • Also you can add or subtract days from any day you specify.  

3. Others (View -> Worksheets)
  • You can also use calculator for calculating :-
             1. Mortgage
             2. Vehicle Lease
             3. Fuel Economy(mpg)  and
             4. Fuel Economy(L/100 km)

             Enjoy doing more with Calculator :-)

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