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Useful Online Tools

Hi Friends,

Today I will make you familiarize with some very useful online sites.If you are at Office or at Home, sometimes you may not be able to get the required software for your purpose. Obviously you will be searching the same online. Here are those sites which you require at crucial times.. 

1. PDF to Word                   -
                                           This is a very useful site to convert ;

                                          1. Word to PDF
                                          2. Image to PDF
                                          3. PDF to TXT
                                          4. PDF to Word
                                          5. Other documents to PDF etc...

2Image Editor                   -
                                          Using this site, you can ;

                                          Edit Images just like an Image Editor

3. Animated Gif Creator      -
                                          This site is helpful in ;

                                         1. Creating Animated Gif images with multiple 
                                         2. Also you can adjust the Delay, Width, Height, Quality
                                             etc.. of your animated image.

4. Chart Maker                  -
                                          In this site, you can create different types of charts for 

                                          your data.
                                         1. Different types of charts like Bar, Line, XY, Pie, Area, 
                                             Radar, Scatter, Bubble, Meter, Bar/Line can be created
                                         2. You can also customize your chart settings

5. Video/Audio Converter  -
                                          You can convert  Video/Audio files to different 
                                          formats using this site.

                                          1. Video Formats Available - mp4, avi, flv, 3gp, Apple
                                              Android, etc..
                                          2. Audio Formats Available - mp3, wav, Iphone rintone, 
                                              m4a, flac, ogg, amr
                                          3. Also options like Video Cutter, Audio Cutter, 
                                             Audio Joiner,and Voice Recorder are also available.


These tools are of great use in offices and other organizations.
Wait for Part 2 to explore more online tools..

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