Monday, 10 February 2014

Show Messagebox in Windows


Here you will learn how to create a Messagebox in Windows.

You can create your own messageboxes with the help of Notepad by this vbs trick.


1. Open Notepad and Type the code given below;

    x = msgbox("Your Text Here",0,"Your Title Here")

2Now "Save As" "Softsprogrammer.vbs" (Any name with .vbs extension will do).
3. Change the Save As Type to All Files before Saving.

4Now click on the vbs file to get a Messagebox. :-)

Also you can change the style of your Message box by changing  with 
the below codes

  • 0 = OK button only
  • 1 = OK and Cancel buttons
  • 2 = Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons
  • 3 = Yes, No, and Cancel buttons
  • 4 = Yes and No buttons
  • 5 = Retry and Cancel buttons
  • 16 = Critical Message icon
  • 32 = Warning Query icon
  • 48 = Warning Message icon
  • 64 = Information Message icon

You can convert this vbs file to exe to make it uneditable.

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