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Hide Folders in Windows using Command Prompt (Hidden Trick)


We all know how to hide a folder in Windows.
Just Right Click on the Folder -> Properties -> Check the Hidden Option -> OK.

These Hidden Folders can be seen if you change the Folder Option to Show Hidden Files. 
Most of them know this trick, so you cannot hide a folder or a file from others using this option.

Softsprogrammer is here with a trick which makes your required Folders to Operating System Files. Please don't panic :-) this doesn't mean that your folder will be converted to an operating system file which the OS needs. No, your Folder's visibility is changed as same as to the visibility of Operating system Files. So these Folders will not be shown if you change the Folder Option to Show Hidden Files. So you can use this trick to hide your personal folders from others.


1. Open cmd (Go to Start ->Run -> Type cmd -> Enter)
2. Now Type the below code in cmd

          attrib +s +h E:\Pictures\3D

      Here the green colored portion is the path of the folder to be hidden

   The Folder named 3D  in E:\Pictures is hidden now.

3. To unhide the Folder, use the below code in cmd

        attrib -s -h E:\Pictures\3D

   Now the Folder 3D is visible to all


The Folders hidden by this trick can be viewed also by the method shown in the image below.

Enjoy :-)

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